• 17th century Cob – The Walronds, Cullompton

    Quality repairs and conservation work

  • Breathable Lime plastering on Cob – Lympstone, Exeter

    Internal Lime plastering to allow the cob to breath. Wall was suffering from rising damp in the cob becoming trapped. Lath and plaster.

  • Re-pointed brick inglenook fireplace with lime rendered cob in East Devon

    Re-pointed brick inglenook fireplace with lime render in East Devon

  • Conservation work to open and restore a traditional ingelnook fireplace

    Restored cob inglenook fireplace with new oak new lintel in Woodbury, Devon

  • Church wall rebuilt with cob blocks after it collapsed in a storm. Doddiscoombleigh

  • Newly Incorporated with Cob and period building specialists.
  • Photo of devon cob barn after significant collapsed which was then re- built using cob blocks.

  • Hemyock, Devon.

    Limecrete floor being poured with timber floor joists to take new oak floor. An example of a good breathable floor. Helping rectify the damp cob walls.

Covid-19 Announcement

Our part in this pandemic is to get our team off the road as soon as possible to reduce contact with our clients and the public.

As of Friday 27th March, we will be ceasing to run a full schedule of work until further notice.  Where possible, Jack will still make site visits and provide assistance from a distance or over the phone, and if you have any concerns about a dangerous situation with your cob, then emergency works will be prioritized.

It was easy for us to consider that we are not important in this, as we work often in remote areas and contact with people is limited, but we do come into contact with people and it is important to reduce this where-ever possible.

In the wider view, if the government were to impose a tighter clamp down on movement restrictions, then we would not want to be leaving houses exposed to the elements, for any longer than is necessary.

Recent Work