About us

The importance of using the correct methods and materials when repairing old buildings is often underestimated; Cob Solutions was created to ensure that our old buildings are repaired with longevity in mind. The majority of the houses we encounter have outlived several generations and with the correct care they should be able to out live several more.

Having worked solely with these types of building from day one, we bring a technical understanding and empathy to our work which is focused on what your building needs.

We have an eye for natural and traditional character and will never try and make something what it is not.

Real world attitude. We understand that undertaking what is sometimes required to be a significant building project is not always financially and logistically practical . In this respect, we will never cut corners in the work we do, but will discuss the options available to prioritise the issues at play with a mind to working around the needs of our customer. We will always start with the ultimate best case solution and work from there.

If you are reading this because you are interested in the work we do, then you will likely have heard of cob buildings in your locality which have collapsed suddenly and without warning. This is a serious concern for most cob buildings as that behaviour is the product of the materials organic composition. We can identify the symptoms of this problem and will never ‘beat around the bush’ when discussing worst case scenarios. I believe many collapses could have been foreseen, prepared for and maybe even prevented if the correct understanding and approach was taken.

Nature verses Nurture. We are not ‘purists’ despite our passion for traditional buildings, so we can use our modern understanding to combine the use of traditional and contemporary methods and materials to provide long lasting and sympathetic repairs.

Please visit the cob and lime page to read a little about the most common problems with traditionally built buildings. If you are experiencing a problem which doesn’t seem to fit in then don’t despair, visit our cob consulting page or give Jack a call.

We are interested to hear about any type of traditional building work and specialise in the following areas:

  • Cob repairs. Problems with cob. (movement, slumping, cracking, collapsed).
  • Damp cob walls, Symptoms of damp.
  • Mass cob and cob block new build construction.
  • Lath and plaster.
  • Lime rendering.
  • Internal lime plastering/ fine lime plastering.
  • Lime pointing.
  • Breathable paint finishes.
  • Associated timber and stone work.
  • Solid oak character floors.
  • Limecrete breathable floors.