• 1 National trust Yellow Lime wash on Lime render
  • 2 Cracks in cob house
  • 3 Damaged lime render
  • 4 Lath and Plaster stud gable. Cracks in cob
  • 5 Cob and Stone repair Lime render with limewash
  • 6 Haired lime render backing coat
  • 7 The scouts and the National trust #Heritage
  • 8 Cob and stone house Lath and PLaster
  • 10 Clome Oven in cob house

This is a National Trust building which was in a serious state of disrepair. There was cracking in several places and the old render was failing. We replaced several lintels and a lath and plaster gable end. New lead flashing was installed and a new lime render applied the whole way around. It was painted using lime wash in ‘National Trust Yellow’ which is a pure ochre colour.

The thatch was later replaced.