Cob consulting

Consultation service for your cob and lime, traditionally build buildings.

Listed Buildings

Any work to a listed building which is considered an alteration or repair, will likely require listed building consent. Whether your building is Grade 2, Grade 2* or Grade 1 English Heritage listed, we are able to offer advise on or submit listed building applications to your local authority.

For more information, click here to find the appropriate local authority page.


Project Planning.

If you want to plan a renovation but are not sure how best to approach the cob and lime elements we can provide a condition report and propose a schedule for the relevant works.


Buying a cob or listed building

If you are looking to buy a cob or traditional building and would like us to check it over and provide a condition report and estimated repair cost then please get in touch.


Insurance Claims

It is prudent to consider the words used when reporting an insurance claim involving cob as some insurers will use common excuses to get out of accepting the claim. If you have a problem with your cob structure and want to submit a claim then it could be worth letting us have a look first to determine if there is anything to make sure you mention to give you the best chances of having your claim accepted.

If you need a price for an insurance claim then we are happy to provide a competitive quotation against an engineers specification for free.

Some insurers will pay little consideration to the quality of the repair work when appointing a contractor for your claim. When dealing with cob and lime building work, a poor or incomplete understanding of the materials can lead to problems down the line and work having to potentially be re-done.  If this is a concern you are faced with then you should request that a specialist is appointed to complete the work.


Unfortunately, since most of the above work is time consuming to complete there will likely be charges associated with the above services. In most cases though, if work is gained after providing one of these services then the cost will be deducted from the first invoice raised for the work. Please get in touch for more information on charges.