Conservation skills and training

Heritage skills NVQ Assessments and Bespoke 1-to-1 heritage skills training

One to One, or One to Some Heritage Conservation Skills Training.

As a time served lime plasterer and cob specialist I can offer you a unique opportunity to learn the traditional construction techniques used in building, repairing and conserving heritage buildings. 

You provide the building or structure (and coffee) and I will provide everything else. We can design a one off session, or a series of sessions bespoke to the needs of your project. 

Through a personalised training programme, I can help you to learn cob building or repair techniques, heritage stone building or repair, lime plastering, lime rendering, lime pointing, and lime washing. I can teach you about hot lime, and the different types of lime, so that you can chose the right materials for any part of the project. You can acquire the confidence and knowledge necessary to contribute to the preservation and maintenance of your vernacular heritage building, by working on your building. 

I charge £450 for half day's (4 hours) one to one training and can supply all the materials and tools needed to get started working on your project. On payment of a deposit, and in advance of the first session, we will have a consultancy meeting to understand your ambitions and from there we will tailor your bespoke learning needs. We can split sessions if needed, or plan in longer sessions if that suits your project better. 

Lime Plastering and Rendering: 

Discover the art of lime plastering, a traditional technique that has stood the test of time and is generally an essential component in the long term health of all historic buildings. You will become knowledgeable about the material and its uses, and gain hands-on experience in preparing and applying lime plaster in situations which match the needs of your project so you can confidently move forward with the work your-self, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in contractors.

Lime Pointing: 

Learn the intricate craft of lime pointing, an essential skill for restoring and repairing heritage buildings. I will teach you the importance of using lime mortar to repoint and stabilise joints in historic masonry or brick work, and you will develop the ability to match the existing pointing styles on your project to seamlessly integrate your work with the existing mortars.  

Cob Repairs: 

Cob, with its organic and natural composition, requires specialized knowledge to ensure its longevity. I can provide sessions focussing on cob repairs, equipping you with the necessary techniques to repair and maintain cob walls and other cob-built elements. You'll learn how to identify areas of concern, perform effective repairs, and ensure the structural stability of this unique building material. 

Lime Washing: 

A traditional and important method used to protect and enhance the appearance of historic buildings. A bespoke training session will teach you the skills necessary to prepare lime wash mixtures, apply them to various surfaces, and achieve stunning finishes that showcase the natural beauty of lime-based materials. 

Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ Diplomas in Heritage Skills:

I can take you or your candidate through the process of Level 3 NVQ assessment in a completely site based environment and at times which are convenient to you.  

I can offer assessment of the following nationally recognised NVQ heritage skills qualifications:

Level 2 NVQ - Basic heritage construction skills

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Heritage Skills (Construction) - Earth Builder

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Heritage Skills (Construction) - Solid plastering

These are nationally recognised qualifications of which Level 3 represents the highest level of technical qualification available in these skills and can open doors to higher grade projects for you by providing a recognised benchmark against a formal industry standard.    

Funding is available from the CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) to cover some, or all of the cost of the training, and as the qualification is based entirely on site observations and discussions, there is no need to take days off to attend college, or complete a heavy course work load. 

Each applicant's situation (location, ability, work type) is different so I offer bespoke packages for individual, or multiple candidates to complete the assessments nationwide. 

Full details on all level 2 and level 3 heritage NVQ qualification standards can be found on the National Occupation College Network website.