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I was fortunate enough to have been invited to get involved with CobBauge through Plymouth University after visiting the first ever fully functional Cobbauge building on the campus. 

A structural section of mass cob is built alongside an insulative section of 'Light earth' (hemp and earth) to create a strong and warm wall! It's truely incredible.

I have assisted in the prototyping of a CobBauge prefabricated block which is purely experimental at this point but lets the mind wonder about the future of low embodied energy building materials. 

CobBauge is a joint project between organisations in the UK and France and is now a Local Authority Building Control approved building material which must have close to the lowest embodied carbon possible.

Have a look at the Plymouth University page on CobBauge and check out some of the project's UK partners I have been fortunate enough to have a glass of wine with below at the project's closing event Hosted by Builders School of Civil Engineering in Caen, earlier this year.